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1. Returns and Refunds

1.1. I am not happy with the product I purchased. What should I do?

In case you have purchased a product that you are not pleased with, we do encourage you to contact the seller through our platform. Dagmarket is a platform not responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers. We do encourage to make sure the product is suitable for you before making the final payment. However, the best option to avoid scamming is to meet face-to-face.

1.2. My item hasn’t arrived yet.

If your item hasn't arrived yet it may still be in transit, so the best thing to do is to check the delivery information. Make sure to ask for the tracking code from the seller.


2. Selling

2.1. How can I list an item?

Set up your listing on Dagmarket by creating an account and following three easy steps over here to list an item. The product location will be displayed based on the country where the item is. Please note, when you would like to keep your post online for longer than 2 weeks, press extend button to keep your post active for another 2 weeks. You can extend the post at any given moment for 2 weeks, it will not extend automatically. However, please make sure to mark the item on the advertisement as sold, once you don’t have it anymore. Then the ad will be deactivated.

2.2. I didn’t find a category to list my product. What should I do next?

Dagmarket has a variety of different categories to list your product to. If you have a product that doesn’t have a subcategory suitable for you, then list it under the subcategory “Other”.

2.3. What kind of items can be sold on Dagmarket?

Dagmarket platform is ideal for selling items that fall into the following categories: electronics, fashion, hobby, home or other items that don’t fit to the named categories. To increase sales, make sure to update your profile thoroughly to the introduction text that would evoke warm feelings in the buyers.

2.4. What kind of items are not allowed to be listed on Dagmarket?

All items that encourage violence or drug use are not allowed on Dagmarket. Also, selling dagcoins for any other currency is not allowed.

2.5. How will I get paid for my sold item?

Download the DagWallet app and follow the instructions to make payments with dags. The buyer pays directly to the seller via DagWallet.


3. Buying

3.1. I’m interested in a product. How should I proceed to buy it?

Since there is no automatic buying, you are encouraged to contact the seller to chat about the product. To contact the seller, start the chat from the product page. Good thing about shopping on the Dagmarket platform is that you will be displayed those products first that are located near you. Make sure to check out the featured listings to find the most attractive pieces available. When you meet the seller, you pay directly to the seller using DagWallet.

3.2. Can I buy as a guest?

If you have found an item you would like to purchase, make sure to create an account. You can do so on the welcome page, and also on the “Contact seller” page.

3.3. Can I pay in euros, dollars, or other currency?

You can only pay in dagcoins. Purchase dags from SwipeX. To pay for the purchase, download the DagWallet app.

3.4. How can I receive my product, if I don’t know where it is located?

Since the products on Dagmarket are displayed by country precision, we encourage you to contact the seller to agree upon a face-to-face meeting.

3.5. When I buy a product, how much is the commission fee when purchasing a product through Dagmarket?

Dagmarket is not the broker for transactions. No commission fees apply.


4. Account

4.1. I cannot log in to my account. What should I do?

Request a new password by clicking on the “Forgot password?” button when logging in.

4.2. How can I change my password?

If you've forgotten your password and have to reset it or want to make a change for security reasons, it's easy to change your password under “Account settings”. We'll always ask you to confirm your identity using an email link.

4.3. I would like to delete my profile. How should I proceed?

If you wish to stop using Dagmarket, it is possible to delete your profile. To do that, proceed to the Settings under your account. Please note that once your account has been deleted, all your listings will be removed.

4.4. I’m concerned about my privacy. What is your privacy policy?

Dagmarket takes your privacy seriously, please make yourself familiar with our Privacy Policy over here.

Privacy Policy

5. Fees and Invoices

5.1. What are the selling fees on Dagmarket?

Dagmarket doesn’t charge any fees nor hidden fees for selling on the platform.