Fraud prevention

To make our website more trustworthy and to reinforce fraud prevention, we have applied an identity verification feature called VerifyOnce. This three step process allows users to verify themselves, thereby building trust amongst the users.

However, despite identity verification, we want to emphasise that buyers must check the credentials of the seller before initiating any transfer of dags to any seller and accordingly, we invite your attention to the following fraud prevention guidelines:

Check the credentials of the seller thoroughly before buying the good(s).

Initiate a chat with the seller in the inbuilt Dagmarket chat platform and ask as many questions as needed to get complete information about the goods.

Deal with sellers who are in the proximity of your geographic location so that the seller is accessible if the need arises.

Transact preferably face-to-face and with verified sellers only

It is also important to note that transactions between seller and buyer's wallets are instantaneous and Dagmarket cannot control, reverse or undo any transaction. We advise you to buy products only from seller’s that you can meet up with and do the exchange hand-to-hand. This is the best way to minimise the likelihood of any potential dishonest activity.